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Today, all kinds of forces surround us, forces that affect our lives in so many ways that we rarely think about them. If the weather is cold we simply put on a coat. We accept whatever happens and make the most of life. However, other forces exist that are not so easy to perceive. Black magic is as powerful a force for evil as white magic can be for good. It is frightening to think that one person with evil intent can cast a spell that will create havoc in another person’s life.*

Good fortune

It is frightening also to know that being a good person is not enough to stop a jealous or greedy person from changing a beautiful and fortunate life into one filled with trouble and pain. We are all aware of people who never seem to have good fortune, no matter how hard they work, no matter what effort they make.*

Black magic

Every social evil seems to come their way; illness, unemployment and broken relationships. It is possible that this misfortune is the result of a black magic spell cast by another person. If you are already suffering like this or you simply want to protect your loved ones from black magic, Nsanma has access to the powerful spells that deflect this evil and surround you with the spiritual forces to keep it away.*

Love spells

Love is the magic ingredient that makes life worthwhile. You spend years at school and college imagining what life will be like when you have met that special person. You date someone and break away, and date again until one day, you meet the person that fills your life with hope.

Every hour that you wait to see this loved one seems multiplied many times over. Every day without him or her feels like a week, while a month turns into a year. This is how you feel when you have met the person with whom you want to spend your life.

Love return

How bitter then, is life when that person walks out on you? Trifling arguments or misunderstandings cause many relationships to break up. Possibly, your loved one has left you because he or she has not yet arrived at the same level of wisdom as you have. Whatever the cause, you want that person back in your life. Nsanma has a range of love spells that will draw your special one back to you, and fill your life with wonder once more.

Magics forces

White magic is an ancient and potent force that draws upon the natural phenomena that we all take for granted. We witness these phenomena during every thunderstorm, and when a flower bursts into bloom. We never question the force behind the wonders of nature, yet these forces are available from Nsanma to bring love into your life again.

The Power of the Clairvoyant Psychic !

Life is the most precious gift that every one of us receives. Every day, indeed every moment, deserves to be treasured and used for a special purpose, such as working in a good job, enjoying nature and spending time with loved ones. However, too many people squander this precious gift, wasting the time given in empty and ruinous pursuits. Too often, people have lost control of their lives in a world that is filled with confusion.

We are offered an ever-expanding array of choices over the decisions that make a difference to our lives. We have so many lifestyles to choose from, and vocational options to pursue that our elder relatives never had access to, and a variety of dating agencies from which to choose a romantic partner. This vast choice should, by right, enrich our lives but often the opposite is true.


Frequently, many people base their choices on what they see other people do to achieve success and happiness. They make one move after another in pursuit of a goal, yet never seem to come any closer to gaining it. The same people wonder again and again, where they are going wrong.

The truth is that everyone on this planet is different. Everyone has a special aura, a unique psychic imprint that only a trained medium can detect. Once attuned to your aura, the psychic medium can guide you towards the life options that are right for you.


Nsanma is such a medium, a trained African marabout who has helped numerous people find their way into fulfilling work, and in finding love, friendship and inner peace. Everything that surrounds you is imbued with your own special vibe and by attuning himself to it, marabout Nsanma will guide you out of the maze of dead ends that may have been your life thus far.

The power of black magic

It is truly astonishing how many people walk around every day unaware and unprotected against the kinds of evils forces that can be afflicting them simply because of how they live their life, but also because of the evil forces that may be being directed against them both consciously and unconsciously.

Rituals magics

Nsanma is an ally and acolyte of powerful white magic deities who channel their powers through willing and trained disciples on the mortal plane. This allows him to activate and dispense powerful protections against black magic forces that may be at work because of the devil or people in your life who mean you evil things.

However, as every true spiritual teacher knows, you cannot fight the darkness without understanding it, and Nsanma also possesses a deep understanding of the black magic that may be at work against you in your life, causing everything from drug addiction to financial despair, relationship problems, ill health and more.

Black protection

Through the use of shamanism, magics, rituals and mantras, you will acquire a forcefield of protection that will become your shield against the dark forces that wind their way through the world each and every day.

Nsanma can detect specific spells that have been cast against you and are affecting your life, as well as offering you guidance on how to witness and resist the kinds of evils at large in the world today.

* the results depend on individuals

Le marabout Nsanma
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